Shaz Kuiama / Presenter

My name is Shaz Kuiama and I am from Plymouth, in Devon, England.

I have been presenting on the internet since 2011. I also have experience in managing and running a radio station.

As well as playing mainstream artists, I pride myself in promoting Independent and Unsigned artists too, as I believe there is a lot of talent out there that needs to be heard, and these hard working musicians need a helping hand to get themselves noticed.

DFM prides itself in this to, which is why I am here, and you can hear Kuiama’s Choice – The All Indie and Unsigned Artists show, right here, every Friday, from 6pm to 8pm UK Time. This show incorporates the Belter Radio/Indie Alliance Top Ten, plus my personal choices from what gets submitted to me weekly.

I am working with a few Independent Labels, as well as one on one with musicians. Tune in to hear what could become your new favourite song.

DFM Midlands

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