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Written by on 23/06/2019

Hello, My name is Sara Miller. Many know that the past year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for myself & my husband.


I have spent the majority of 2018 miserable and dealing cervical cancer.. And now in 2019 I’ve been very sick and not knowing what was going on inside my body. I was extremely weak, which was from severe PCOS and endometriosis. Along with chemo.. My amazing gynecologist and Doctor at Mercy put together a plan to stop the issues with my Cervical Cancer.. But it has now spread to my breasts.


Last year while dealing with Cervical Cancer, my now husband and I had gotten married in October of 2018..and it’s always been such a struggle. And now it’s worse.

A little over a month after he proposed, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, Stage 2b. It was fairly advanced and it was wreaking havoc on my body. I needed to start treatment immediately. The amazing team that I met at Mercy Hospital gave me such close attention and helped me through each and every step of treatment.


Robbie and I got married as scheduled, which looking back on it now seems like nothing short of a miracle. I began treatment right away.. I was under treatment for months and then I was in a resting phase. My body was finally trying to heal from all of the chemo and radiation.

Then I started getting very weak again. Miserable weak. So I went for my 3 month Check up. I was hoping for hopeful news.. But, of course God threw us another curve ball that we’re  trying to now overcome..  I now am struggling again with cancer in my breasts. And it feels like it’s always one thing after anotner! We would truly love to have a new, good bill of health. And start a family one day! But for now, we have to take what has been given to us.


The medical bills, medication expenses, and household expenses that my husband had been trying to carry all alone are stacking up, many becoming passed due.. And they are for much more than I anticpated. I receive at least one a day and today I received three. We have been put on a plan, but we have to pay over $500 a month to cover chemo and radiation treatments. While I have been really lucky to have a great team and to have health insurance – the bills are piling up so fast that it’s terrifying and bringing a lot of anxiety to this already high-strung time. And starting to lose my hair has now begun an even more emotional journey.

I also now need to start paying for some of my meds out of pocket. And I have no idea how we will do that. Most my insurance covers 95% of it.. But we now have to pay almost $200 a month for the necessity meds that will keep me functioning. So all together.. It’s around an extra $700 a month that we have to come up with. And my husband can only work so much.. And with everything going on, I not even eligible to work yet.. Until we can get my health somewhat under control!

Everyone has told me that I’ve been really strong throughout this entire process and honestly – I feel like I’ve just been trying to move forward without tripping on anything. I’m not the person to ask for a helping hand.. but this is the moment when our new little family could really use some help. I would be forever grateful to any help that folks could offer us.

So, If you could offer any help or sharing this page .. anything would be helpful.

Thank you for your time, and for reading my story.

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