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Written by on 18/10/2018


Help us help you bring quality entertainment, meaningful music, vast creativity and lots of laughter in your life.
Vufcup works on multi-media levels to bring you an intense yet fun experience.

We have 18 quirky perks that, if you dare, will bring you directly and exclusively into our world.

Meeting the entities:

Resulting from a horrific reincarnation of a regulator calico emerged mastermind, vocalist, guitarist, bassist Diggy Kat (Gemini), who also won 2013 Best Radio DJ Award from Artists in Music Awards.

Conjuring the image of guitarist, bassist, vocalist Bianx (Gemini) is a spell of mixing glitter with the feeling of smelling a blood red rose for the first time.

Born from the malevolent things in the enchanting forest where the rainbow glows came forth drummer Britt Daskey (Scorpio).

Vufcup has been working on our 7th album, music videos, a mini movie and soundtrack and will be submitting videos to more music/film festivals.

Vufcup has appeared in Santa Clarita Gazette, I’m Music Magazine, Killerbeat Mag among other outlets. Have had songs in rotation all over the world, including making the top 20 charts in Australia with 3 different singles. Our video for Home reached Semi-Finalist at LA Cinefest.

Our campaign is just as important to us as it is for all of our fans that have been supporting us. Continuously building steps to get to the next level, this campaign is an entire staircase for us, but what is a staircase without the proper support? A mess on the floor is the appropriate answer.

Each quirky perk you choose to pick and add to your life allows us one easier step further into world domination. We’re all in this together so let us help you help us help you in this fun and creative exclusive experience designed to promote a healthy heart, increased circulation, improved mental capacity and being able to smell the color 9 (this one is not yet FDR approved, but Eleanor says it’s all right)

What We Need & What You Get

We’re starting with $1,000 as our goal with potential of exceeding it. These earnings will go into the recording,mixing,mastering,distribution of our 7th album and the 4 accompanying music videos, our mini movie and editing and accompanying soundtrack.

To help us reach and exceed our goal we have provided 18 quirky perks that transport you directly in the Vufcup universe.

The Impact

Songwriting integrity is important to us, this is why Vufcup is relatable on multi-levels. Always on the forefront of expression, Vufcup shows no mercy when tackling subjects on spiritual growth, coping with grief, handling negative energies and shaking up the system. We strongly believe the more people we reach with our music the better mechanisms people will have to live life to their fullest. What is it about music that make people want to own and experience it? maybe it’s the therapeutic tendencies.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you share with 5 people and ask each one to share with 5 people that love the type of music and entertainment we provide, we could spread this like wildfire. There’s honestly something for everyone. Thank you for doing what you can to help us succeed =)

there’s also the Indiegogo share tools at your disposal, so let not them get rusty!

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